Free Game: Skinz Sudoku

I'm not a big fan of the sudoku game, but since everyone around me seem to like it, here's the coolest free sudoku game I found.

It's nice, the user interface is the best I found (and there are tons of free sudoku out there as you can guess...) and it has few levels.

The game can be downloaded from here.


Zizza07 said…
Nice cool game that I used to play it for awhile and of course <span style="color: #a00000; ">Enhanced version now available on, with custom sudokus, unique Sudoku Solver, Awards for speed and solved sudokus, and advanced hint/help system, game statistics, and more !</span>

Trying this was a good experience. And yes to solve the quests are more difficult. Cartoon type background makes youngers to be more interested in this sudokus.