Free Messengers for Windows Mobile

Someone asked me about it couple of days ago - so here are some useful links for different messengers for Windows Mobile:

Yahoo! Messenger

Can be found in here:

Personally I didn't like the UI of it as it looks too much like a PC application locked inside a tiny screen... I assume people will still find it useful.

working great with both 3G and WiFi. Really nice - even for PDAs without phone (with WiFi).
I found myself playing around with it from home using WiFi - calling people just to find out I don't have anything interesting to say to them...

Microsoft Live Messenger
Took me some time to find the 'none-beta' version. With the help of XDA-Developers I managed to find a working version - really good, helped me a lot in boring meetings ;-)
The installation does require a valid connection for initial configuration steps - but once you get over it - it is ready for use.