iPhone vs. Blackberry & Windows Mobile - Round #1

Round #1 - iPhone vs. Windows Mobile & Blackberry devices.

1. The iPhone is Not Designed for One-Handed Operations
And one-handed operation is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT
Blackberry devices are well designed for one-handed operations which means you can do stuff and operate your device at the same time. The iPhone will probably requires a second hand for typing and navigating - bummer.
(Good) Windows Mobile devices comes with both touch screen and embedded keyboard which gives the ability to use two hands with a stylus (which I personally dislike) and also the ability to use one hand. Cool.
2. No Removable Battery, No Backup Power Supply for the iPhone
What is that? Why is that? Bad news for people on the go or people who are using the device as an iPod
The Apple iPhone's Li-ion battery is built into the device and cannot be removed.
You can pick up extra batteries for your BlackBerry for as little as $20 on ShopCrackBerry.com, so you don't even need to shell out a lot of cash for back up.
3. No GPS for iPhone… brrrrr
No GPS? Well, you can always call someone with a Windows Mobile to help you with the route...
Most blackberries and Windows Mobile devices come with GPS (the one that don't should not be bought...)
4. No Physical Keyboard
You can phrase the virtual keyboards but as someone who used it for a while - there's nothing like a good old physical buttons. Try typing with one hand while driving with a virtual keyboard… you can't.
With a physical one - you will probably manage to write something (with few typos)…
5. Third-Party Applications
Windows Mobile and Blackberry have tons of software and freewares out there just waiting to be picked up and be downloaded… I agree that many of them are poor freewares no one really needs but the community is huge and you can find almost anything you are looking for.
For now - the iPhone users still have a very slim selection of applications they can download.

Comments are welcome - remember this is only round #1, there's always round 2...