Nokia's "Must Have" Applications

I personally do not use Nokia, but I saw the following posts in IntoMobile and The Nokia Blog and I thought it would be good to mention those apps as some of them can be used on other devices and others may give some ideas about mobile apps.

Opera Mini 4.1. Yes I know the browser built into the latest version of S60 is awesome, but this takes it up a notch. For people who don't have flat rate data or for people who have ADD and want websites to load as fast as humanely possible, Opera Mini should be the only browser you live in.
GMail Mobile. Love using GMail? Threaded conversations, staring, all of that is fine and dandy, but what makes this application extremely powerful for me is that fact that I can search through over 4 GB of email remotely, with no lag, for that needle in a haystack piece of data I need. Can't recommend this application enough. TIP: If you have more than one email account you can download GMail Mobile and Google Mail Mobile, same application, different name due to copyright issues, no need to log in and out of one application.
Google Maps. Don't have GPS? No problem, Google's triangulation will tell you where you are. Google's vast points of interest library is so impressive it can practically be called epic.
MobiTubia. A pretty front end for YouTube so you don't have to visit the website, I start my day in bed looking at the top videos over the past 24 hours. Out on the go and want to hear a specific song? Just search for it and chances are you can find the music video.
Walking Hotspot. Turn your S60 device into a WiFi access point that you can connect up to 5 devices to. Useful when you simply need to use your laptop to get something done and sent out to your friends or boss.
Shazam iD. If I'm in a cafe listening to a song I want to download later on, but have no clue what it is I'll launch this application and point my mobile's microphone to the closest speaker.