Slide 2 - 3 cool applications you probably need

A_C has published few freewares in XDA-Developers - all 3 are really good:

Slide 2 Play - Stylus free media player, nice design, works fast.
I like it - it connects well with the soft keys, and the screen sliding is easy.
I only wish the size of the texts would be a bit bigger, but still a great media player.

Slide 2 View - cooooool! I like this one!
I'm sick of using my stylus every time I want to switch between my default 'My Pictures' folder to the storage card - and this application is the answer for me.
It has it all - easy navigation, rotation, zoom, good preview, the sliding is almost perfect.

Slide 2 Unlock - I already reviewed this one in my weekly freeware competition - definitely worth trying as well.

Thanks A_C for the great work!