Treo 800 and 850

I don't know why, but even in the days of iPhone 3G, HTC Touch Diamond, RIM Blackberry BOLD and more, I still like my good old Treo 750, which operates fast, without problems, and has the perfect built in keyboards.

This is why I feel obligated to keep track of Palm's new devices: Treo 800 and Treo 850.

The Treo 850 looks really good, with a cool slim fit:

In addition, from that Vodafone roadmap, it stated that this device would have:
- Quad-band GSM
- Windows Mobile 6.1
- 320x320 Flush (!) screen
- 2mp camera
- 1500 mAh battery (huge!)
- GPS, WiFi (at last...)
- Bluetooth 2.0

The Treo 800 looks less attractive to my opinion, with a GPS and WiFi inside.