Weekly Freeware Competition - YouTube Player, PocketCM, HButton and S2U2

OK, so in this week's competition - 4 popular freewares that can be found easily all over the web. I spent the night installing and playing around with those cool apps and I must admit I was a bit disappointed.

http://hundera.dyndns.org/hbutton/downloading.jsp?name=HButton_2.3_WM5.CAB The idea is great, I usually prefer using the keyboard over pulling out my stylus or slide my finger on the screen (it leaves fingerprints…) so I was thinking it may become handy to have some more shortcuts assigned to those keyboards. The user interface is problematic and it is not clear what to do. I think that for simple users it might become risky to use this tool. Especially when uninstall does not remove the configuration and may cause errors.

Good for advanced users but I'm afraid that on my beloved Treo it was uninstalled after 20 minutes.

This is another version of the cool freeware, but comparing to older versions - this one is really buggy. I've counted around 7-8 crashes since I started using it.
The user interface is amazing but has few small bugs. The idea is really good and I will be checking for newer versions to get some bugs fixes.
For now - I removed it, because of 2 reasons: bugs, and SPBMobile Shell which is already installed on my device and includes better shortcuts for favorite contacts.

YouTube Player:
Cooooool! I actually managed to download and even save a nice clip!
Here too, I encountered some nasty bugs which made me soft reset my device - but in general it is working good.

I am keeping it, not sure how often it will be used - but it's a good software to keep.

S2U2 (AKA: Slide 2 unlock)
I like it.
Didn't find bugs (yet, but being a bugs magnet as I am I will probably will…).
The configuration capabilities are terrific, and the application is neat.
I would suggest to add some more stuff to the main form - more meetings, maybe some shortcuts, etc.

Since I'm using a device with a built in 'Key-Lock' system - I will probably not use the S2U2 in the future but for now I am keeping it.

And so,
The winner for this week's freewares competition is:
(Someone is fainting…)
(Some more drums…)
With a high rank of 4 spoons which is the highest this week and very nice! (5 is the maximum)