What's new with Windows Mobile 6.1?

I just found a good review of all the new stuff in Windows Mobile 6.1.

For the Standard edition: Click here
For the professional edition - here.

My thoughts?

In the Standard Edition - the user interface of the today screen was upgraded significantly!
It's about time... and thank god they finally modified the font!
The today screen now can win the competition against other smartphones (such as blackberry, Symbian, etc.)

The Professional got less attention...
The biggest improvement is the zoom out in the Internet explorer! Yippee!!!
(I still think it is the worst browser in the mobile industry but finally it has zoom...)

Conversation mode in the messages window (I have it in my treo and I always turn it off...)
And another good addition - a native task manager!

Overall, this is not a major release, no animated windows yet, but still it has some important additions to the Windows Mobile OS.