A Bug in Windows Mobile!

OK, don't panic, it's just this type of a tile, you know? this funny style, well you know!... oh, you don't? hmm...

Found this one, it's a today plug-in for weather forecast.
I believe it will only be relevant for you if you are not using HTC / SPB (in which you already have it built-in) etc.

I like the look and feel of this small application.
The problem is - it is only working in the US, and if you fail to insert your location there's a small bug (how ironic... a "bug"...) which forces you to close the settings and reopen, but never mind that. As soon as you configure your location - the plug-in works like a charm.

Nice today plug-in, nice icon in the title bar, nice balloon... nice.

It can be downloaded from here.