Free Windows Mobile IP Utility

This post is for advanced users (Ofir, Doitcher - this one is for you!) Enterprise Mobile had recently released some free Windows Mobile tools. One which is interesting is the Windows Mobile IP Utility.

Taken from the official site:
The Enterprise Mobile IP Utility for Windows Mobile Devices allows you to troubleshoot IP connections using functions such as PING on both Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

Features and Benefits
All of the features listed below assist an IT Professional with troubleshooting connection issues on a Windows Mobile Device.

IP Configuration – View and renew IP configuration for all network interfaces on the device
Ping – Simple ping to any destination host name or IP address
Trace Route – Trace route from the device to any destination host name or IP address
Ping Sweep – Ping a sequential range of IP addresses in a subnet
Speed Test – Check the current bandwidth speed of your device connection to the internet
Logging – All results of IP Configuration, ping and trace route operations are logged to a text file for collection or sharing

System Requirements
Windows Mobile 5.0 devices must have .NET Compact Framework 2.0 installed
Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 devices (already have .NET CF 2.0 in ROM)

Download Windows Mobile IP Utility
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