Garmin Nuvifone

Boys and girls! I just found the coolest phone ever! Garmin Nuvifone!

- Designed better than the iPhone,
- Looks like a small television,
- Navigates like a.. hmm.. Garmin device...

The things I like in this phone is that it's much more than just an iPhone clone! it has got a beautiful user interface, with huge icons for finger use, and it includes some interesting new concepts, mostly around GPS, navigation, location based services and pictures.
(for example, every picture you take embed the GPS location, which seems to be embedded in most of the common applications)

At last a new device that really innovates!

See some more pictures:

Phone shell:

Programs Folder:

Main Interface:

Nice Keyboards:

Embedded Navigator

The best video I found is here in electricpig- it demonstrates all the new stuff.

Other videos can be found in youtube, but I already embedded for you the good one (I spoil you too much!)

This one demonstrates the scenarios Garmin would like to support:

I think it is very impressing, what do you think?