Google2GO! - Freeware

I recently encountered this one, which is more of a collection of links to Google's services.
If you are using Google mail, calendar etc. I think you might find this freeware useful.

Google2GO! is a mobile application for Google services, similar to Yahoo!Go.
This application is not related to Google in any way.

- Windows Mobile (Professional OR Standard) 5/6
- Windows Mobile .Net framework 2.0 or greater
- Data/Wifi connection
- Screen Resolution of 320×240 or 240×240 (required)

Access to all Google mobile services including:
- Google Web/Image Search
- Google Local Search
- Gmail
- Google Calendar
- Google Reader
- Google Docs
- Picasa
- Google News
- Google Notes
- Google Checkout
- Google Product Search
- Google Finance
- Blogger
- Google Driving Directions

Check it out in here


Kristin said…
I wish the other search engines would come up with cool stuff too.
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