How to Add Birthdays and Anniversaries to Contacts and Have Calendar Remind You about Them

Here's a nice way to remember birthdays (I keep forgetting about them...)

You can enter birthdays or anniversaries for selected Contacts on your device in the Edit menu.
Here's how to do it:
- Open Contacts and select a name from the Contacts list.
- Select Menu >Edit to open the Edit screen (pre-Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PCs: Edit).
- Scroll down to the Birthday or Anniversary fields.
- Tap on or select the Birthday or Anniversary field and modify the date as necessary.
- Select OK (non-touch screen smartphones: Done)

The next time you synchronize with Outlook on your PC, you'll find that a recurring appointment has been created in Calendar for the birthday or anniversary you added, with a reminder set up to let you know about it 15 minutes before the big day.

TIP: 15 minutes may not be enough lead time to buy a birthday/anniversary card or gift.
(Daaaa.... you'll need at least 30 minutes for that!)
You may want to change the reminder appointment to notify you a couple of days or even a week before the event. You can also enter notes about the reminder (present requested, make dinner reservations, etc.).