I know it is so uncool to talk about Palm and PalmOS, but hey, as I used to have a Palm device with low resolution screen and 2-3 freewares installed, and since my favorite Windows Mobile device (even in the age of HTC) is still the Palm Treo 750 I still have some feelings to those old looking Palm devices with this old looking font and low resolution icons.

So, for those of you who are still using a Palm device, here's something that can make you very happy with just $6.99 : TouchLauncher for Palm.

The TouchLauncher comes fully stocked with support for finger scrolling, dragging and dropping icons, and dropping web links (bookmarks) directly onto the Palm desktop. A free trial version allows you to run the TouchLaunch app for the first 10 apps on your device, while the full version delivers the full-monty.

Here's a short video:

TouchLauncher can be downloaded from here.