iPhone 2.0 was announced

iPhone 2.0 was declared in WWDC. (WHAT A SHOCKING SURPRISE!!!)

New iPhone:
- New look and feel
- Will have a white version
- AGPS (How lame!)
- Lot's of numbers involving Battery time - bottom line - around double battery time...

New Features:
- iWork and Office document viewing
- Save images from E-Mail directly to photo library
- Contact Search
- E-Mail/SMS Bulk Delete & Move
- Scientific Calculator when switched to Landscape Mode in Calculator
- Support for new languages including Chinese, Japanese,
- Enterprise support for mass distribution of apps (up to 100 authorized iPhones)
- New push notification system for background apps (such as IM clients).

Available - early July (is this a month delay or what?)
Also available - upgrades for current iPhones.

Prices should be around 200$ for the 8 Giga, 300$ for the 8 Giga...

I'm not sure the fixed all the usability problems people was talking about, it will be interesting to see some detailed review of the new version.