More about iPhone 2

Both Engadget and Gizmodo, managed to put their hands on the new iPhone. I recommend on reading the stuff they wrote.

The iPhone Blog summarized their conclusion, and I added some of mine:

The Good
Better phone quality.
Flush headphone jack for realz!
Camera software improved, same megapixels, better images.
Build quality, even on the all new, all plastic back, felt okay.
Lighter, better fit, and design-wizardly thin.
Improved battery life
Search for contacts
Integration with Microsoft Office
White version (TG of me, I know, but still - nice to have a choice)

The Bad
No cut and paste, (how can people live like that!?)
No real background applications (In my WinMo device I run 7-8 apps simultaneously)
No WiFi 802.11n! This, the iPod Touch, and the MacMini are still the only Apple devices to bring down your network speed.
No sign of video iChat, or video recording.
No sign of A2DP stereo Bluetooth, and no comment on whether its in or coming.
Dock now sold separately. Guess that $199 price point gotta hit us somewhere?!)

The Ugly
Some ugly stuff...
I don't really know, as I never had an iPhone, but it looks like the progress done is too small comparing to the buzz it created.

What do you think?