New Linux Based Phones

I found this one in EngadgetMobile:
According to there's a group of new Linux based phones.

All five Tranzda designs include GPS, along with optional features that include WiFi, cameras, and biometric fingerprint authentication.

Tranzda's phone designs support its TDA Mobile Linux distribution and NewPlus Mobile Linux stack. Tranzda appears to supply its designs with a development kit, and the NewPlus stack.

The NewPlus stack is said to resemble Trolltech's Qt framework or Microsoft's Foundation Class libraries. It appears to include a modular set of applications including a WAP 1.0/2.0 browser, PC synchronization tools for data and music, messaging and email clients, and PIM (personal information management) software.

Tranzda also released few screenshots of the NewPlus interface:

I found this short video demonstrating an older device running Linux:

And this one, demonstrating... nothing...