Nvidia Tegra

Two days ago, Nvidia officially announced its new Tegra product line.
These "Computers on a chip" integrate CPU (ARM), GPU, Northbridge, Southbridge and Primary memory functionality onto a single chip. This product is believed to be targeted at the smart phone and mobile internet device sector. The entire die measures 144 mm2.

There are three variants of Tegra's first iteration, following: Nvidia's lauches Tegra: A Computer on a chip
The Tegra APX 2500: clocked at 600 MHz, targets FWVGA resolutions, fits into a 1 watt power envelop.
The Tegra 600: clocked at 700 MHz, targets SXGA resolutions, fits into a 2 watt power envelop.
The Tegra 650: clocked at 800 MHz, can decode 1080p video, fits into 4 watt envelop.

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