UEFA Euro 2008 Fixtures - In your Windows Mobile Calendar

Wanna have all the fixtures of the UEFA EURO 2008 soccer tournament games stored locally in your Windows Mobile calendar? Here's how you can do it in 3 minutes:

Step #1:
Import the Euro 2008 games schedule from here.
The link will present couple of options - I used the following file: UEFA EURO 2008 Schedule in PST format

After download has completed, go to Outlook, switch to the calendar view and click on the File-> Import and Export... option.
In the import wizard select the following:

Page #1: Import from another program or file
Page #2: Personal Folder File (.pst)
Page #3: Browse for the file you just downloaded
Page #4: Import into current folder (assuming you are still in the calendar view)
Now, here I got a small problem because the import actually added a second calendar entry to my outlook, I have no idea how to merge it with my regular one (maybe you know), but don't you worry! I found a workaround to perform the merge:
Step #2:
Select the newly created calendar folder that was just created (called: UEFA EURO 2008).
Go to: View -> Current view -> All Appointments

This will present all the games in a list where you can use CTRL+A to select all the entries.
(so do it... select all the entries and copy them... com'on...)
Now paste those entries in your main calendar

The result - your calendar now holds all the games to Euro 2008. Yippee!

Step #3:
This one is easy: Synchronize! And there you have it...

Have fun!