Samsung i900 Omnia Video

OK, so you know I like this device (have no idea why...), so here's another video I found in the MobileCrunch

As you can see below, the device has some innovative concepts, here's my thoughts about it:

The Good:
1. Cool 5 megapixel camera
2. Different concept of the today screen (sliding widgets, more like Vista...)
3. Advanced keyboard - similar to HTC Touch Diamond
4. Lot's of goodies!

The Bad:
So here's the deal, almost every item which was shown here looks like it was taken from 2-3 different devices... the main shell, the camera, the phone interface, I'm not sure if it's just because of the video quality, or because it was developed by different teams ;-), but I prefer a common interface with homogenous look and feel...

The Bizarre:
What was that? a mouse cursor??? Never seen that before... Why do I need to scroll the mouse slowly when I can just put my finger on the button??? Spooky...

The Ugly:
Well, after last time, I will not dare to write a word about the iPhone...
(Damn! I just did it again... here come those angry mails again...)

Here's the video: