Some new stuff in the Mobile Spoon!

It has been a month now since I started the Mobile Spoon blog.
I thought it will be a nice time to check how things went this month...

Using the Google analytics reports I found the following numbers:
- The Mobile Spoon blog got over 5,000 visits in the last month.
- Almost 30% came from the US
- 49% of the page views came from Microsoft Internet Explorer, 38% came from FireFox.

(I am not sure if it's a lot or not, but giving that I only started the blog in mid May, 2008 - I am happy with the results...)

Recent Changes:

So, to try and make you all happier, I added some new widgets to my blog:
- Easy subscriptions links, mails subscriptions and links to other reader applications
- Ability to translate the posts using Google translators
- Few other widgets that will present some statistics about my blog.

If you have any special comments, requests for improvements and other suggestions - please let me know!