US Smartphone Market Status

There's a lot of debating about the best mobile platform out there...
Windows Mobile is probably the most powerful one, iPhone (platform?) is the most innovative, Android is yet to come, but...

One thing is sure: US market loooooves BlackBerry!

Full report can be found in the just-released figures from an IDC report.
According to the report: RIM more than doubled the Fruit Company for United States smartphone sales in the first three months of 2008.

There isn’t a breakdown by OS, so who knows how many of those Palms were Treos running Windows Mobile — but Palm’s market share jumped by 70% over last quarter and their only new release was the Centro running Palm OS.
Samsung seems to have gotten a boost from the Blackjack II, while the MOTO Q series is struggling.
And despite all the buzz - HTC’s holds only 4.1% of the market (HTC's main customers are probably focused in Europe and Japan).

Something is missing... NOKIA is not here! (it seems like Americans hate Nokia! [ME TOO!])