Free Zumobi for Windows Mobile

This one is not new, but I started using it - and I think it has potential.
The idea is to have a simple working surface in your mobile device which connects to the Internet and download recent updates about news, sports, jokes, and other useless content... ;-)

Each topic is called a Tile, and you can include several Tiles in your Zumobi home screen.
One possibility is to include blogs as Tiles. Nice...

I am trying it for 2 days now and it looks like it can definitely become a substitute to my RSS feeds client (on the mobile of course...).
It is working so incredibly slow I sometimes think it is stuck - but I assume it will be improved in one of the next versions...

The navigation is not perfect - but as I said - the concept is promising, for now it is still not perfect.
It has some bugs... (but nothing that can't make it work...)
Adding Personal Tiles:
I managed to create my personal tile - based on my MobileSpoon blog.
With just few simple tests I managed to define the tile, set up a link, send it to my device, find it in my Zumobi 'Tiles Inbox' - and then install it. Very simple! Now I can read my own (and interesting if I may add) posts...
See how cool it looks!
Download can be done from here.