Blackberry Thoughts - Week #2

For a Windows Mobile fan such as myself, having a Blackberry feels somewhere between awkward and embarrassing…

Nevertheless, I’m continuing with my journey to investigate this Blackberry thing!
I have some real work to do with it but that doesn’t stop me from messing around with it, trying to figure out if I like it better than my previous WinMo devices or not…

So let’s begin shall we?

This week’s thoughts were originally edited using BB MemoPad editor.
Of course there’s not a lot to say about this (really simple) text editor, except for the fact that it does what I needs to do (as usual...).
I must admit I never used any of the fancy styles of PocketWord even though it’s nice to have them around (in case you find a reason to use them…)
As I said in my previous report – the keyboard is amazing! It’s simply the best I’ve ever used, finally I can type extremely fast (like those geeks who right blogs...)
* Note:
Something from last week – I wrote about the fact that the all the incoming messages are stored in the same list which may cause a messy list…apparently, (amateur as I am with BB) there is a way to split that into 2 lists: SMS and Mails.
Thanks for the tip! This is much better now...
I found that I can modify practically every bit & byte in each profile. Pretty impressive.
I consider it extremely important, because now I can safely use the Blackberry when I’m in those boring birth lessons (my wife forces me to participate).
Configurable Fonts
Speaking of configuring the device: What were those RIM designers thinking when they created those lousy fonts?!
I mean, hello!? The 80's are far behind us right?!
Those DOS looking fonts really ruin my days (and nights to be frank).
If someone knows how to download and install some real fonts – please let me know.
Tried using it (I like having a list of tasks in front of me).
Unfortunately, the default Tasks application is far too simple for me, and the worst part is that it requires tons of clicks until you actually can type the task details.
(Windows Mobile is better in this aspect because it give a “quick add” bar so you can start typing and then worry about the rest of the task details.
What can I say... I hate the WinMo calendar, and I don’t like this one as well.
The daily view is horrible because it looks like one messy notepad file, but I found that the weekly view is not bad; you can see your daily meetings as tiny items on the screen so you get a clear picture of how bad is your day going to be (tons of meetings...) and when you navigate to them it presents a small preview. I set it as the default view.
First Freeware installed!
Yep, my first installation was Opera Mini.
In windows Mobile it looks a bit too simple, but here I must admit – it’s a very powerful browser and the virtual mouse is perfect when you use the trackball. If you don’t have it yet – go ahead, download it from here.

I just found that my dog (in the picture below) is somewhat sensitive to the noise of rolling the trackball. Every time I play with it (and I do it a lot… don’t look at me like that.. it’s fun…) he comes nearby and start snooping around. I’m thinking of purchasing a blackberry for him as well but then he will do emails all day long instead of... sleeping...

This is it for this week, next week I intend to start installing some serious stuff on my device, see how fast I can ruin it…
So far I have got to admit - this is one hell of a smartphone, less options than Windows Mobile, but the one that exist - works pretty well.

Don’t tell anyone I’m using a Blackberry, it can make me lose my friends...
(OK, just kidding, I don’t really have friends…)

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