BlackBerry Thunder (or should we say: iBlackBerry?)

iBlackBerry is Coming!!!
There's a lot of anticipation for the first touch screen enabled BlackBerry (AKA: Thunder or 9500).

Personally, I find the current BlackBerry style very good for its' purpose, with easy navigation model, great mouse style wheel, best keyboard I've ever used, and more innovative features.
So, I'm asking myself, how come BlackBerry is creating this iClone, which looks too similar to iPhone, and how will the target audience react to it.

In any event, the specs for the upcoming device look promising:
- Huge 360x480 touch display
- New OS version: 4.7.
- New multimedia player
- Carrier music store which (similar to the iPhone's iTunes store and will allow users to purchase songs from their device.)

Here's some new pictures taken from BlackBerry Synch.

Looks really good, although I could have done the same by pasting some iPhone screens on top of the device using photoshop ;-)


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