EasyPhone 2 for Windows Mobile

I usually post about freewares I like but this time I will break my custom:

I just received an email from my friend Roey recommending on the software: EasyPhone 2.

This software includes all the basic (but important) phone features combined with a finger friendly user interface.

You all probably know the feeling: you replace your old primitive Nokia phone with a sophisticated handheld device. How cool.

"It's a computer!" you tell your wobbly friends... "See how many things it can do!"

But then you start using it as your personal phone and you wideness some difficulties... Where's the recent calls log? where's my 1 click contacts shortcut? and how come every simple operation suddenly becomes a long process?

Now, don't get me wrong, I love Windows Mobile, and lately we get a lot of devices which were designed to be great phones, but still every now and then I hear about people complaining that their advanced device is simply a lousy phone...

If your WinMo device is not equipped with a good dial pad, QWERTY keyboard or if you simply hate this tiny contacts list - check out EasyPhone - you may find it useful as Roey did.

Here's a video demonstrating how it works:

Link to the website: http://software.felinsoft.com/

or: http://www.felinsoft.com/