He is here! SpoonAlarm 2.0!

SpoonAlarm 2.0 is officially ready!

You can download it for free in http://www.spoontools.com/.

The new version includes a lot of enhancements:
1. New finger friendly user interface
2. Recurring alarms
3. Support for both mp3 and wav files (filtered in the selection dialog)
4. Normal and countdown alarms
5. Tray icon
6. SpoonAlarm Snoozer tool that will play the song and let you snooze some more...
7. Auto start
8. Settings are changed.
I tested the new version on couple of devices and so far I found few issues with HTC Tilt.
Besides that everything else seems to be working just fine!

Regular alarm:

Countdown clock:

SpoonAlarm Snoozer

The first version of the SpoonAlarm was downloaded (from my site only) by more than 50,000 people (on top of other sites that published it...)

I'm hoping this new version will be even more popular!


Download link: www.spoontools.com


Anonymous said…
Patrick said…
This is what I've been waiting for.
Anonymous said…
Best free alarm.
I have pocket-pc.
Thank you from Italy.
Anonymous said…
Best alarm period. Keep up the amazing work!
AlanRJ said…
I like it a lot. Thanks.
One suggestion: Turn it into multiple alarms management tool.
Windows Mobile doesn't have that.
CoolNikiD said…
Thank you for this piece of beauty!
Where can I donate for your hard work?
I love the world for having people like you creating good programs for free!
This is an amazing program!
Michelasso said…
Nice app, but it still has one problem as in the previous version: you cannot select .mp3 or .wav files that are in subfolders of the first level folders. So it's useless for people who keep their music collection organized in subfolder by author/album.
Anonymous said…
Works fine for me...
Maybe it's something in your settings?
Anonymous said…
Ummm... I liked the old one better. Needs more options for amount of snoozes (like the old one). The time intervals between snoozes are configurable now but the span time is too long (10 mins, 30 mins, 60 mins!) what happened to 5 minutes?! No way would anyone want 60 minutes! They wouldn't need an alarm anymore because they won't have a job to go to anymore, lol. The tray icon is not optional. The recurrences are not programmable, who wants an alarm on the weekends, or set at the same time on the weekdays?! A startup file?! don't like it... I assume it's for the alarm if it is still active but the old one didn't have it. It starts up (not in the background either) whether the alarm is on or not. Sorry to be so critically. I had high expectations for the new one and the delay was longer than expected. Still the best alarm out there, don't get me wrong...
Anonymous said…
I have been waiting for this for so long now!
Best alarm for Windows Mobile!
Anonymous said…
Amazing Application!
Thank you!
Anonymous said…
it´s a great shit , even after uninstall it, i received "notifications" of alarms, two hundred notifications, recursive notifications and not stop that make a movil inutil because i cannot stop it and remove alarms. it´s like a virus.
not install it .it a horrible program alarm i and i hate it

en espaƱol.tras quitarlo porque no me gusto este dejo la alarma puesta en forma de notificaciones que recursivamente saltan y no te dejan usar la pda.vamos.una mierda
Anonymous said…
Why uninstall this perfect alarm clock?
And why use terms like shit?
(I would remove that comment if I were this blog owner...)
iLoveHTC said…
No shit!?
This is a wonderful alarm.
I love it.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Great freeware.
Anonymous said…
sorry for my lenguaje (shit) and the opinion, i cannot delete it, but i´m dissapointed with my words.take caution and make a full backup before use it.because the alarms can hung up totally the pda and you need to make a hard-reset
Gil Bouhnick said…
An updated version is now available with some fixes.

read more in here:
Gil Bouhnick said…
thanks for your comments.
I've collected the important ones and will relate to them in the next version of the SpoonAlarm:

see here:
Stellar Drift said…
Is it possible to simply move the installed program from the internal drive to the external drive? (using drive for a metaphor for chips, or storage or whatever the 'real' word is) - there is very little space there as it is.
Gil Bouhnick said…
You can simply run the CAB installation and select the storage card.
I just tested it and it's working.
Chini said…
1st of all, I love the UI and tray feature a lot. Unfortunately, I cannot use the tool at all right now (Samsung i780, WM6 Pro) - No matter where I store Mp3 files, SpoonAlarm won't find them ;(. I read in the release notes this would be a known issue in relation to SPB Pocket, in v1.x and you guys fixed it in v2.0, which is what I am using. No luck so far! Even if I disable SPB Pocket, the problem remains. PLEEEEASE help, I would so much love to use SpoonAlarm!