HTC Touch Diamond Tweak: Change your TouchFLO 3D settings

These days everyone is talking about the new iPhone.
Since I don’t (yet) have an iPhone (poor me), and since this blog is mostly about Windows Mobile, and since I still think Windows Mobile kicks ass, here’s something about iPhone’s big and one of the few decent rivals: the Diamond.

Not that I think that the Diamond is perfect, but I agree that it is probably one of the best Windows Mobile so far (the best one has got to be my beloved, immortal, old but still functioning Treo 750).

If you are lucky enough to have an HTC Touch Diamond (soon ‘Y’, you will get yours as well… I promise) – here’s a useful tweak, thanks to the XDA developers.

This tweak is actually a small utility called Diamond TF3D Config (by sushilange) that enables changing the order of the TouchFlo 3D tabs, hide some of them and more.

To download – head over to this link: