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Jul 14, 2008

I'm excited!
Treo 800w was officially announced and according to the WMExperts it kicks ass!

Sure, it is not as fancy as the Diamond, but heck, it has a built in keyboard, it's designed for one handed navigation and most important - it works really fast!

I'm an old fan of Palm's Treo line of products, and I was happy to see this good review.

Other things worth mentioning:
- 320x320 resolution screen
- WiFi included
- Mini USB
- Windows Mobile 6.1 (zoom in/out in Internet explorer)
- Some additional applications included: Texas Hold'em, Sprint navigation, Sprite backup
- Of course: the perfect photo speed dial - the best today plugin ever created!

You can read the entire review in:

As for me...
I'm getting a Treo 800!!!
Just wait and see!


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