I'm excited!
Treo 800w was officially announced and according to the WMExperts it kicks ass!

Sure, it is not as fancy as the Diamond, but heck, it has a built in keyboard, it's designed for one handed navigation and most important - it works really fast!

I'm an old fan of Palm's Treo line of products, and I was happy to see this good review.

Other things worth mentioning:
- 320x320 resolution screen
- WiFi included
- Mini USB
- Windows Mobile 6.1 (zoom in/out in Internet explorer)
- Some additional applications included: Texas Hold'em, Sprint navigation, Sprite backup
- Of course: the perfect photo speed dial - the best today plugin ever created!

You can read the entire review in: http://www.wmexperts.com/reviews/smartphones/review_treo_800w.html

As for me...
I'm getting a Treo 800!!!
Just wait and see!