Improve your WinMo Clipboard with the Clipboard Tool

Just typed your password and now you need to type it all over again?
Entered your URL and now you just want to paste it somewhere else?
Well – if you are a heavy user of Windows Mobile, you probably need more than just the basic copy/paste functionality. You need the (drums... drums...) Clipboard Tool!!!

Here’s 2 things you may not know about Clipboards:
1. The Clipboard is where the operating system stored the latest copied data.
When you copy a file – it is saved in the clipboard and you can then paste it somewhere else.
Clipboard can include many formats (text, files, images, partial images, porn…).

2. Clipboards tend to be cleared just when you need them the most; You copy a text you know you need to paste somewhere, you do some things, you accidentally copy another text (which is not the important one) and then when you plan to paste the original one – you find out that you don’t have it anymore…

So how can the Clipboard Tool help you?
It organizes the information in a stack: every time you copy something, this is added to the stack.
Once you want to paste something, just open Clipboard tool and select it from the stack.
The application is easy to access (today screen) and has some additional features which I don’t need so I will not review them… ;-)

That’s it. Enjoy!

Oh, almost forgot, here’s the link, pasted from my own clipboard: Link.