Murphy's Law: First attempt to plug your USB will always fail!

Why is it that I always try to plug my USB cable in the wrong side!?

Is it a new "Murphy's law" that you need to turn the damn thing around before you can actually plug it inside?

Why can’t the people who invented the USB admit that back in 1996 they were wrong, they were young, they were wrestles, they didn’t think it will make a difference…

Because it does make a difference.

Billions of people are wasting time turning around USB plugs which couldn’t be plugged in first attempt. The humanity is loosing hours on this problem!

We want a new USB plug with equal sides, bi-directional!


Amir said…
I think you are on to something. Instead of developing a super fast USB 3 they need to develop a user friendly USB 3. You've got a great start up idea right there and it's open for anybody to take :-)
Klistra said…
What is USB 3?