SPB that looks like HTC

Wanna make your SPB look like HTC when you eat KFC in the JFK?

LME (Stands for: Let me explain):
I just ran across this amazing looking skin for SPB Mobile Shell (my favorite Shell software) - for all of you HTC Touch Diamond Fans out there (and I know there's lots of you…) -this is for you!

BTW, here are the original links, I think the guy who did it (Greatbal) deserves some huge compliments!

Greatbal link in the XDA-Developers:


And the link for the CAB file is right over here:




DSmithZ28 said…
I saw this last night over on XDA and I gotta put Shell back on my Tilt. I have been using Garmins 1.2 ROM with the HTCClassAction Drivers and it is amazingly fast! no screen lag at all!