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Jul 22, 2008

SpoonAlarm 2.0 is just around the corner

I've been bragging about my first mobile freeware for a while now.

Creating freewares is nice, especially when it solves a real need, (and we all know Windows Mobile has a really lousy alarm).
So the freeware was quite a success and got more than 50,000 downloads in just couple of months.
I've actually been using the SpoonAlarm as my personal alarm for over a year now and I received input from people who are happy with it as well.

Plot is getting more complicated:
The one thing I almost forgot was that where there are users, there are bugs, and when you have bugs, you get complains and requests!

So, after the first version, I received many requests for improvements (and indeed there's a lot to improve).

I tried to work on a new version, but with my real life activities (I have few) - I had around 1 - 2 hours a week for that, which is too little...

Twist in the plot:
Recently I've been receiving many mails about the new version so I wanted to update you all that the new version of the SpoonAlarm is already being used for a couple of days (so far by myself...) and I will publish it towards the end of July.

More updates to come...


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