Super Mobile Heroes - I'm beginning to like the idea...

So, after getting some funny comments from people (why mails? Use comments. I invite you all to leave comments inside the blog) about the fact that the Blackberry is actually Iron Man hiding inside a handset – I have decided to continue with the mobile phones / Super heroes comparison.

How. Cool. Is. That.

I’m thinking of adding a survey to my blog, so that you can all help me match between phones and super heroes.
I will post about it soon.

In the meantime, I took Omer’s comment and tried it with some cheap photoshop tricks…
Here's what I ended up with.

I give you:

Windows Mobile HULK!!!

Why I chose HULK you ask?
First of all, it was not my original idea but I liked it so I went with it.
Secondly, Hulk is a monster, a huge super hero – just like Microsoft is in the software industry.
Third reason – the theme color of Windows Mobile is... green.
Last, HTC, one of the most successful Windows Mobile device manufacturer calls one of the most successful handset - TyTN. (pronounced as: Titan... got it?)

What do you think?


DSmithZ28 said…
The iPhone would have to be the Chimp Gleek from the Wonder Twins!