The Truth about BlackBerry!

I was watching the Iron Man movie the other day thinking about how Iron Man's heart looks like Blackberry's trackball when it suddenly stroke me:

Iron Man is a human Blackberry!

Since this is a respected blog, I did not assume you will believe me, so I decided to look for some clues in the literature. [Google].
So I've looked everywhere for hours (at least 3 minutes) and couldn't find anything which may say that Iron Man is NOT a human Blackberry.
So there could only be one reason for that: Iron man is indeed, a human blackberry.

Here's some proofs:
- I really believe it's true.
- The special crystal ball in Iron Man's chest looks exactly like Blackberry's trackball.
- It looks so obvious!

The Mobile Spoon managed to get some inside pictures that leave no room for imagination:

Need some more proofs?
No problems.
Here's a picture showing Robert Downey Junior (playing Iron Man) holding a ...
You've guessed: Blackberry!

On top of that, Iron Man, (unlike other super heroes) is a rich man, owner of a big successful company, just like every blackberry user wants to be!

And about the trackball: can it be one of Blackberry's secrets of success, just like it's the Iron Man's source of power???

And could it be that The Mobile Spoon has just revealed a huge conspiracy and the Iron Man Movie is just one big Blackberry campaign?

Think about it.


Omer said…
I think you are on to something here. Did you also notice that HTC and the incredible hulk also have some things in common? HTC, The inCredible Hulk...
Anonymous said…
Ha ha...
Cool idea.
Maybe you should assign a super hero for every phone?
Anonymous said…
Omar, I think that HTC wish they could become the Incredible HULK.

Currently they are just the Wanna Be iPhone...
Anonymous said…
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