Tweak of the day: How to get rid of the tap sound of popup menus

You know that annoying sound (like a slap in the face) whenever you use your soft-keys buttons, start menu or a popup menu in Windows Mobile?

What is that? A Clap? A Tap? A Slap?
I don't like this sound!

Why, You ask?
Here’s the story:
I was in a meeting, and as it often happen to me, I forgot the name of the person I was talking to, and I remembered I had it in my emails.
So I carefully pulled my WinMo from the pocket, and without anyone noticing, I clicked on the email soft-key and … TAP.
Everyone noticed I’m playing around with my phone.
In the middle of a meeting!
How lame is that!?

So after that incident, I decided no more. I was determined to get rid of this annoying clap sound!

I already knew that unchecking the screen taps and hardware buttons sounds (see picture below) removes most of the sounds but not the popup/start tap, so I had to find something else…

I tried changing the sound via the Notification tab, but this sound is not there so it’s not configurable.

My next try was to delete the actual wav file.
I found the one which bugged me the most: it’s called “MenuPop.wav” and it’s located under the /Windows folder.

Ha ha!”, I thought to myself: “time to be deleted old file!” – but amazingly when I deleted it I got an error saying this file is in use!
(which means it is loaded on startup or something…)

So, after looking for it some more, I finally managed to find the solution…
The funny part is that it is so basic, I couldn’t see it…

In order to get rid of those annoying tap sounds – you need to uncheck the “events (warnings, system events)” checkbox.
The name is deceiving because this parameter actually does not relate to the system alerts (SMS, Alarms, Meetings etc.)
All it removes is the annoying tap sounds – perfect!

So, to summarize, just uncheck the first checkbox, all the alerts will continue to work but the annoying tap sound will be a long goner!


Anonymous said…
Your stories are sooo funny...