Amazing Free Image Viewer - PocketCM ImageViewer

For a while now I'm looking for a way to read comics from my handheld device.
Not that I'm trying to replace the joy of purchasing a new comic book, but still, I would like to have the option to read stuff from my phone.

I've tested few image viewers, and set some high expectations from them.

The requirements:
- Finger friendly UI
- Easy way to zoom in/out and move left/right
- Powerful zoom (need to be able to read the comics text when zooming into the image).

So far I didn't find anything perfect, and most of the freewares I've tried did not have a good zoom.
Today I installed the new PocketCM ImageViewer.

I just finished testing it and I think I found the best free image viewer for Windows Mobile!

Here's some pictures to explain why I simply love it.

Screen #1: Folders list
- Nice scrolling, great animation, no search/filter but:
- You can select a folder (using the star) and mark it as favorite! hi hi! Great!

Screen #2: Thumbnails view inside the folder - see my Transformers comics.
Screen #3: Animated view - you can see your files, move them easily etc.
Great stuff, the movements are a bit too delicate, and sometimes it moves a bit more than expected.
Screen #4: Image view:
Here you can zoom in/out, rotate, move, etc.
Very good performance, my only issue is that again it is too delicate and reacts too easy.
I guess I'll get used to it pretty soon.
Screen #5: Zoom view - see how sharp it is! I can practically read the text.
(most viewers do not have this capability...)

Great freeware - I think the developer did an amazing work!
Time for me to eat Burek...
Download the application from here: