Blackberry Thoughts - Week #3

Captain's log, stardate 2817.6. (that’s today…).
Starship 'Mobile Spoon' was diverted from scheduled course due to unplanned events related to aliens attack called: SpoonAlarm.
We have survived those events.
Purpose of today’s log: to confirm some new discoveries regarding Blackberry.

OK, that’s enough with this Star Track cr<beep>ap.

As you remember, 1 month ago I decided to start using a Blackberry device for learning purposes.
I found that this is truly a great phone, with obvious mail capabilities.
I’m still an amateur, and as such, I’m now still learning the basic stuff.

You can find my previous reports in here:

In today’s report, I will unveil some of the discoveries I had in the recent week.

Changed the default one, and I wanted to show you all my new cool theme but unfortunately there is no way to take screen captures from a blackberry device.
(Windows Mobile has this – and it’s one of the must have tools everyone should have)

Screen Capture tool:
Oh how I love freewares!
Few seconds after I decided to look for a way to take screen captures from my Blackberry – I found: Rove’s Mobile Viewer (
This is a great tool if you need to present your phone screen in presentations.
So here it is: my first downloaded Blackberry theme: yippee!

Blackberry Desktop Manager
I downloaded BDM from here (
I’ve got to admit that at first, it looked OK, but after trying it some more – I don’t see a great use of some of the features.
From the main tool you can launch the Roxio Media Manager, and from this media manager you can launch the Roxio photo suite (why do I need this application in the first place?).
But, in general, I can say that this tool give the things I was looking for – a full control over my device.
One comment though: what’s with those bugging password alerts? Heck, let’s say I stole this device, OK? I already entered the default password and managed to get it – why should I repeat it every 2 minutes?

Installing Applications from the Desktop Manager
(At last… I get want I want… give me some freewares rrrrright now! rrrrr)
The concept here is simple, not the perfect user interface but working like a charm.
I managed to install few applications on my device, (will post about them separately), and now I feel I can actually start using this.. blackberry thing… as if it’s a real handheld!
(All I need to do now is find some decent freewares, because so far all the ones I tried were… a bit too… simple?… not to say… useless?… not to say… primitive text based applications?… not to say… things I did when I was a student?... not to say… test tools? )

But, I will keep trying!
And of course – as always - post about it in my next report!