Coming soon to - SpoonDo!

In a couple of days I will be releasing a new tool called 'SpoonDo!'.

I created this tool for myself actually, in order to better manage my daily tasks.
The idea is to have a better user interface for the Outlook Tasks in Windows Mobile.
The User Interface is finger friendly, and gives all the required functionality.
It also gives better viewing of the daily tasks, sorted by priorities and due dates, categorized by subjects.

Few screenshots:

SpoonDo! will be available (for free) in couple of days in the SpoonTools site.


Yair said…
That's very nice.
Will there be integration to the phone? For example, following the "Call a Cab" screen shots, it would be nice to dial the number from SpoonDo
Gil Bouhnick said…
Actually I havn't thought about it yet...
I guess you also mean to interate with emails etc.

Thanks for the idea.