Enable remote debugging for .Net Compact Framework applications

This post is more of a private note for one of my coleages who sent us a bug - about not being able to debug some addins of a Windows Mobile application.

So Imry, this post is for you, and let's close this bug, shell we?

Here's a quote taken from the great blog: MobilityMetro:

Start the Remote Registry Editor
Connect to your device
Enable attach to process support
In the left hand pane, expand the device
Expand Microsoft
Expand .NETCompactFramework
Expand Managed DebuggerIf this key does not exist, you will need to create it
Right click on .NETCompactFramework
Select New > Key
Type "Managed Debugger" (without quotes)
Click Ok
Set the value of AttachEnabled to 1If this value does not exist, you will need to create it
Right click on Managed Debugger
Select New > DWORD Value
Set the Name to AttachEnabled
Set the value to 1
Click OK

Full post in here: http://blogs.msdn.com/mobilitymetro/default.aspx


imrylin said…
I love this new way of communicating, I wanted to start my own blog just to answer you but I have a life (-:

The all mighty Ofir and I tried this method of remote debugging and it did not work, I will try again on a different device and post my reply here soon.