Exclusive Pictures of the Palm Treo Pro - only in the Mobile Spoon!

If (like me) you are spending valuable time reading blogs I assume you noticed that all the technological/mobile blogs were overloaded with images of the new Palm device (the Treo Pro).
While most of them were based on some pictures Palm "accidentally" released before the official announcements, we in the Mobile Spoon managed to put our hands on some exclusive pictures from the new Palm wonder!

I am proud to present to you the Palm Treo Pro as you will not see it in any other blog!

Treo Pro in the Sunset Rock

Treo Pro in a Linkin-Park concert
(we always knew Treo was a rock fan – but 5th row?)

Treo Pro on the red carpet as Paris Hilton's spouse
(you can find better than that Tro Pro!)

Treo Pro finishing third in the Olympic games!
(no steroids found yet)

And this is the most amazing picture:

Palm Treo Pro being sold in an Apple store!?!?!


I had to blur the man’s face because he asked to remain anonymous, but since this blog does not have red lines, here’s the original picture:


Anonymous said…
lol ;-)

Great thinking! Better than the usual pictures
Anonymous said…
Give me the Pro right now!