HTC Dream - Is that what we dreamed about?

Hell no! It can't be true.

'Y' just sent me a link to EngadgetMobile with some pictures of the HTC Dream (First device to run Google's Android OS).
I've got to tell you: either I don't get excited anymore about new stuff coming out, or something went terribly wrong in HTC's / Google's labs...
Take a look at this picture: it used to look nice... BACK IN THE 70's!

The device itself does not look as "sexy" as other HTC stuff, and the user interface looks "OK", but nothing more than that.

Now let's have a look at this one: this is better, but what happened to the keyboard?
This is not the way a cutting edge device should look like.
Rich people used to have these kinds of phones in the early episodes of the 'Love Boat'

Some more pictures from EngadgetMobile:

Does it sound like I don't like it?


Anonymous said…
I hate it too!