The Incomplete Guide to Mobile Form Factors – Part #2

Hello again!

In this part of the guide I will present devices with QWERTY keyboard!
Many people like this kind of form factor as it enables easy typing.
All the the keys are in place, the key size is pretty big comparing to the Candybar style, and life is great!
But is it really so great?
I think it has 3 small problems: one – you always need to open it, which is somewhat bothering.
The second problem is that you need to hold it with 2 hands to make the most out of it, where in fact the Candybar devices can be completely activated using one hand.
Last, if you are looking for a classy looking slim device - keep in mind that a QWERTY keyboard usually makes it thick.
Side Sliding QWERTY:

I think this one is the most common QWERTY based devices.

Side Sliding QWERTY (Tilt Screen):

The famous Tilt! One of the most successful Windows Mobile devices

Up-Sliding Screen with QWERTY Keyboard:
Motorola Sidekick:

Down Sliding QWERTY:
I never used one of these but it looks interesting, even though I don't see the benefit of having to pull down the keyboard and yet steal half of the screen size for the d-pad buttons.

Additional Form Factors with full QWERTY keyboard:

Clamshell QWERTY with Rotating Screen

Detachable QWERTY:

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