Iris - a free Internet Browser for Windows Mobile

I found this post about the Iris Browser in one of my favorite blogs: the TiltSite

I immediately downloaded Iris Browser and found that it is working a bit slow, but very useful. The animation is not perfect yet, (you need to slide your finger and only after a while the page will start moving), but has some really innovative animation when moving between page to page...

The browser also has a nice page review pane which resemble the Opera Mini concept – which I like.

Many features are already fully functional (mouse cursor, zoom, full mode, desktop mode, mobile mode, etc.)

Double click does not zoom in/out yet, hopefully it will in future versions. There are still some bugs: for instance, the site (a free soccer game) did not work properly.

In addition, I encountered some errors while playing around with the freeware.

Nevertheless, I recommend you download the Iris Browser and try it out while it is still free!

And also, keep the following link ( and stay tuned with updates and new versions of the Iris browser.



Anonymous said…
it is closed now