New 'Touch' applications - for free!

A young kid once said that if others are imitating you, you probably did something good.

Up to 2-3 months ago, people created Launch applications that looked like the iPhone.

Well, guess what, I'm kind of had it with the iClone user interface. A collection of moving icons, that's all. Once you click on an icon - you get the exact same old WinMo look and feel.

HTC on the other hand, combined a Launch application with a wrapper that wraps the "phone" functionality (phone, contacts, calendar, pictures, media).

You can argue about the performance, or whether some specific features are optimal or not - but this is much better than just launch icons!

So, couple of months went by and now there are many freeware out there giving the touch experience:

This freeware does exactly what HTC TouchFlo is supposed to do.

Full screen Interface,
Tap and add Programs, Contacts, and Favorites
New Tab bar and slider
Weather Tab (data from Accuweather)
S2P controls on a pop-up control panel (slide your finger from the bottom of the screen up)
Get Icon from most programs
Supports png transparency for Program Icons
Fully customizable graphics (all pics found in \Program Files\MusicFlo)
Size and position of Program and Contact buttons now on config.xml

See a video demonstrating MusicFlo:


ThrottleLauncher 0.9.3 Beta
ThrottleLauncher is a finger friendly launcher app for Windows Mobile 5 and 6, It replaces the today screen with a TouchFlo like interface containing a horizontally scrollable row. The application is fully configurable through xml files. The rows can contain several type of items like icons, clock, text, photo dialler, recently used applications etc

See ThrottleLauncher in action in this short video:


This one is not an HTC TouchFlo clone, but it give a lot of "touch" functionality.
TouchMenu has various built-in menus :
All Programs (Start Menu replacement)
Active Programs (Task Manager)
Recent programs
Favorite programs
Settings (Control Panel)
Favorite Websites
Calls (Call Log)
Communications (Comm. Manager)
RSS feeds
Power Actions
End Actions
One Touch Settings

Click here for a nice walk through with few videos.

Here's one of the video demonstrations: