SpoonAlarm 2.0 - few improvements are now available

OK, so first - thanks for all the supportive feedback of many of you!
I received many mails and some comments here in the Mobile Spoon blog, and most of them were really great (few were not... but it's OK too)

For the last 48 hours people all over the world tried the new version of the SpoonAlarm and sent me some useful comments. (thanks again!)

I've listed the comments and performed some changes accordingly.

Here's the list of modifications I've made:

1. Tray icon. Apparently not everyone thought it's cool to have a shortcut to the SpoonAlarm in the tray. Some said they simply never use their today screen... So now you have it in a setting - you can select to use a tray icon or you can hide it. I will probably use it myself, but if some of you don't need it you can simply turn it off.

2. I found that if you are using SPBPocketPlus - trying to select an MP3 file will give an empty list. I have no idea why or how to fix that, but as a workaround, I've added a way to view "All Files" in the list. I hope it will solve the problem.

3. People told me that they cannot see all their subfolders when browsing for an MP3 file, it's true, and frankly, I looked for a way to change that in the internet but couldn't see anything that can solve the problem. It seems like a WinMo limitation. I found forums with people complaining about it - not sure I will solve it.

4. People complained about automatically loading the SpoonAlarm on startup - I removed it. Instead I run a small hidden utility just in order to make sure the next alarm is alive and kicking (because I found that in some devices, the alarms are cancelled on soft reset - so this small tool solves the problem).

5. Default snooze time was changed to 10 minutes, for some reason I set it to 1 hour, which is a lot even for people who spent their nights working on freewares...

6. Uninstall #1: (but please don't uninstall!) the uninstall now removes not only the exe files but also the installation folders. (but don't uninstall!)

7. Uninstall #2: Uninstalling while alarms are on will create a strange behavior but it has a reason - Windows Mobile has this feature of repeating the last "notifications" after soft reset. I guess it's because it wants to be on the safe side. Try to set a meeting, and after dismissing the popup reminder - soft reset your device and you will see that the reminder pops up again! Try to soft reset again and the reminder will keep appearing. The same works with the SpoonAlarm. If you soft reset your device while the alarm has just went off - it will keep playing. The right thing to do in this case is to simply close the alarm, wait 3-4 minutes and then uninstall and restart the device... I tried it on 3 different devices (Treo, HP and Symbol) and it working.

That's all, thanks for all the help, enjoy your SpoonAlarm!

Oh, almost forgot, the link to the new(er) version is here: Click to Download

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Anonymous said…
Best alarm for Windows Mobile!
I'm using since version 1.1 and love it!
Word-Smith said…
Gil: I emailed you the other day to report that your first version wouldn't install on my Q (and that I wasn't going to try it on my Tilt since you indicated problems might show up there). Well, I don't know if your update made any difference, but I just went for it with my Tilt and I want to report it downloaded, installed and works flawlessly. In fact, turns out I needed an extra alarm to guarantee my waking up for a sudden next morning appointment and SpoonAlarm woke me before my other alarm and saved the day. Once again, good work and muchas gracias.
Gil Bouhnick said…
I'm very happy to hear that!
I guess it means that it is working on the Tilt, and the person who reported the problem probably had another issue (regardless to the device itself).

And keep following this blog for more freewares and updates about the SpoonTools.
sauer said…
I am having problems with the notification reminders. Once I hit snooze, a reminder notice will pop up 5 minutes before the next snooze goes off. anyway to fix this?
Anonymous said…
I know this problem.
This is a built in snooze for your Windows Mobile notification.

The same goes for meeting notifications, if I do not "dismiss" them - I keep getting reminders after couple of minutes (3 minutes in my device).

Didn't find how to change it yet, but I remember I saw some configuration parameter for "snoozing reminders".

Will keep on looking for it, if you find out how to get rid of this feature let me know!
Miki said…
Hi, thanks for the great app to start.

But, is there a way to change the snooze time to lower than 10 mins?
Possible via a registry edit possibly?

Thanks, Mike.
Gil Bouhnick said…
You are the second one who wants a shorter snooze.
Can you explain why is that important?
After all, if you wake up - you can dismiss it via the "turn off" button so it will not snooze anymore...
Miki said…
i'd like the option to be able to snooze for 5 mins :)

Also, can i make a recurring alarm for weekdays only?

Barbara Y said…
AT&T Tilt here. All my music is on my storage card, and Spoon Alarm can't see any of it. I had to move a song or two to the device in order to set an alarm. Also, how do I set more than one alarm? There doesn't seem to be any help or FAQ function, either on the device or online. Thanks.
Sauer said…
I had to move some files from my media player to my documents to get the alarm to work on my Tilt. Not a big deal.

Anyway, I am really confused on what to do about the notifications. This morning the program was acting really wierd. I still cannot figure out how to stop the Notifications from popping up every 5 minutes. This time I just turned the sound off the notifications.
I kept getting notifications and the program kept popping up after I had told it to stop. Another thing that is annoying,is that the program itself doesn't know its in Snooze mode. I woke up and turned the alarm off, and I still was getting noticications and the Snooze alarm was still active.

I like to sleep 10 minutes when I snooze. 5 minutes is too short for me. So im at a crossroads at the moment. There has to be another alarm program that works a bit better on the Tilt then this one?

I think this will be good once a few more kinks have been worked out with the TILT. I appreciate the hard work that went into this Freeware, but as of now Im looking for another solution until these bugs are corrected.
Jeanne8 said…
I like it. I have been using it on my Tilt. I have Spb Pocket Plus installed so I can't select a song :-( but it was a simple matter to edit the xml file and put in the path and name of the file I wanted.
One thing I would love to see is a way to set the play volume. Maybe even a slowly increasing volume up to a preset value. That would be great. Then I can put my Bose radio alarm on eBay. :-)
Gil Bouhnick said…
thanks for your comments.
I've collected the important ones and will relate to them in the next version of the SpoonAlarm:

see here:
SiriusA said…
I have an HTC Touch and as much as I want to love SpoonAlarm, I'm having real problems. First, the reminders/notifications pop up rather constantly ("SpoonAlarm is Up!", "SpoonAlarm Snoozer"). So, if I hit 'snooze' I get these notices going off such that I don't actually snooze. Instead, I just get annoyed.

Secondly, even after I turn off SpoonAlarm, it will play again if I snoozed it. (Example: I hit snooze and then the notifications keep making noise, so I get up anyway and turn off SpoonAlarm -- but it 'wakes up' anyhow after the snooze time.)

Anyone else having these problems? Anyone have any suggestions?