SpoonAlarm - Summary of your requests

OK, so after getting so many mails and comments (here and in other forums which apparently posted about it as well!) - here's a summary of the things I thought was important:

1. Recurring Alarms - should be possible to configure some days off (weekends). Currently it can be done manually, but you wanted it to be pre-configured.

2. More configuration parameters to the snooze: total snooze time and intervals between snoozes.

3. Start with low volume and make it higher each snooze (I would turn it into setting few different songs, don't you think? so if you are a Faith No More fan you can start with something like 'Easy', and then move on to something like 'Midnight Crisis' and if that doesn't work - go to one of their heavy stuff... )

4. Do something about the repeating OS notifications (I found some articles talking about that problem - believe me - it's not a bug in the SpoonAlarm, and some devices don't have this problem, but still - I will look for a way to bypass that).

That's all - keep sending me your feedback!

See you all in SpoonAlarm 3


Anonymous said…
Thanks for making this great freeware!
Anonymous said…
How about being able to use .wma music files for alarms?
Anonymous said…
I keep getting an error "COMException 0xc00d1f41 WMPLib.IWMPSettings.set_volume() at SpoonAlarmSnoozer.SpoonAlarmSnoozer.timer1_Tick()
at System.Windows.Forms.Timer._WnProc() at System.Windows.Form.ApplicationThreadContext
._InternalContextMessages() at System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run() at SpoonAlarmSnoozer.Program.Main().

Hope you get something useful out of this... :-)

Best regards, Lars Bech of Denmark
mars said…
I get the same error as the anonymous user above.
SpoonAlarmSnoozer.exe raises a COMexception with code 0xc00d1f4 in SpoonAlarmSnoozer.SpoonAlarmSnoozer.timer1_Tick(Object sender, EventArgse).
Please can you see if it's possible to correct this? I like the simplicity of this alarm application.
Thank you.
Dark Blue said…
Hi, I installed Spoonalarm recently and I loved it, but it didn't really suit my needs, for example, I like to shut the program down to save battery and then the alarm didn't ring... maybe my fault, because this evening, exactly 24 hours after my test alarm, I got the notice that 'Spoon alarm was notifying me!' ... how come? I deinstalled Spoonalarm succesfully yesterday after the test? I have something like FDC Task Manager now to check all processes and registry entries, but haven't found anything that's left from SpoonAlarm?

For the rest: Spoonalarm was great! Finally someone who prioritized a good interface... especially for a clock, operated my 'morons' as we all are, kinda dull each morning. Every app should be thought over like this!
MobileSpoon said…
Thank you all for all your comments, I'm beginning to work on the new version. Will update you soon.
Guest said…
Same error.
On WM5 (Mio A701) and also on WM6 (Mio A702).
Sorry. Because it seems to be a goood program.
But not working.
No solution for this?
Ciao by Mik (Italy)
Uday said…

Nice application out there.. One thing I noticed was that the application was creating multiple process threads (checked it in task manager) for each snooze request. Also the windows notification were behaving wierdly and were going of any time (as reported). Is it due to the multiple processes??
Gabriele said…
<span>Thank you for the nice app ! 
With HTC HD2 it's difficult to push the buttons UP and DOWN (when i set the time) because they are to small. 
On HD2 there isn't a pen ... and with fingers is difficult. 
UP and DOWN arrows larger please. 
Thank you</span>
tbowl said…
Any updates? I just need the volume fixed. Other than that I love the app!