10 Things you probably know by now about the Android

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First Android is here! It's HTC G1!

After watching many videos, reading all the technical blogs and even think about it for a while - here's couple of things I came up with regarding the Android's first phone:


5 things I like about HTC G1:

1. It's Open!

Well, think about the great things the XDA-Developers are doing and now double it up with the possibilities that the Android will bring. No doubt - things are going to get spicy here in the mobile arena.

2. The Google way

As much as I like the Microsoft tools, there are areas in which Google brings simplicity into a higher level: Google Analytics is an example of a great reports dashboard that brings exactly what is expected of it. There are bunch of other useful tools from Google which I find innovative not in their looks but more around functionality.

3. Multi-Task Mobile OS

While Windows Mobile users may find it obvious, other phones don't have this capabilities; Palm, Rim, iPhone are all running one application at a time.

4. Integration to Google's Services

Many of us are using different services from Google, in this respect, Google's Android will enjoy some advantage over his competitors.

5. Hey, it's just version 1.0 isn't it?

There are a lot of bad things to say about the Android and HTC Dream, but hey, let's wait a couple of months and see how it evolves.


5 things I Don't like about HTC G1 (And the Android):

Android copy

1. It's Open...

Well, think of all the problems you may encounter with so many different versions of the OS on top of so many different devices. Not to mention different UI concepts each developer can make, causing the average user a lot of frustration.

Users need clear concepts, seamless look and feel, and consistency. Open source (in this respect) means more troubles for the end users.

2. The Google way

Most of Google's services are designed for Internet use. As much as I see the benefits of it - I still prefer having all my documents stored and maintained locally. A good example for that is that I no longer write my Mobile Spoon blog from the Blogger interface, instead I'm using Microsoft's Live Writer which is SOOOOO MUCH BETTER. I would like my phone to be completely functional offline. Can the Android do that? 

3. No easy integration with Outlook

From what I'm reading there's no easy way to integrate with outlook (both over the air and via desktop syncing). Even if it can be solved using 3rd party applications - for me this is not just a disadvantage, it's a big no-no.

4. Look and feel

You have to be kidding me: After releasing state of the art devices such as the Diamond and the Touch HD - this is the best thing HTC could come up with? Is it a Microsoft scheme?

The Android user interface looks better than the device itself, but still, no big news around here as well.

It all looks a bit too 80's, don't you think?

5. Too little, too late?

What will be the positioning of the Android? Did Google think about it?

- Windows Mobile is the powerful platform

- BlackBerry is the perfect tool for business men

- iPhone is shiny and appealing

- Palm is the current looser

What will the Android be?


Amir said…
really? 1 thing you love about android is that it's open? you microsoft fanboy love open source things? Why don't you drop all of your Windows and move to linux? Why don't you move to developing in java? Because you love Microsoft stuff. You love having a solid product. You don't fool us...
Gil Bouhnick said…
That's right Amir... ;-) you just know me too well...
Still, I love the stuff that can be done in open source.
But hey - I did put it in both advantage and disadvantage, right?
Ken said…
And, with Open there are so many things to like and dislike at the same time.
As for MS versus Open, if I had the tools and time I'd develope for both, and the iPhone too.
I think there are unique things that make each interesting and desirable to work with. It is the end users that will decide what ends up being useful and desirable about each platform, and what is not. Then more or less of that platform will sell.
I know people that have switched to iPhone because a WM phone was just too much to use (complicated and more features than they needed).
Ted said…
There are many happy iPhone users out there.
On the other hand my friend has one and he thinks it's far too limited.
milesyet2go said…
I have been enjoying MobileSpoon a bunch here.
I am a fairly new Palm Treo Pro user, and I am loving the phone, pretty much awesome all round.
Glad to find the mobileshell 3 themes, thanks.
I found your blog while looking for something else about WM6, and noticed you wrote that you were using Windows Live Writer on you WM handset.
I was wondering if you could share with me/us how you go about getting WLWriter on your WM phone?