Are you a Windows Mobile Expert? (Answers...)

OK, so here's the answers to the short quiz from last week!

1. What's the difference between Windows CE and Windows Mobile?

Well, actually it's a long (but interesting) story. Head over to a new post I wrote about the differences between Windows CE, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile.

2. What is a soft key?

One of the 2 buttons connected to the 2 main menu items in the bottom of the screen.

3. The icon below indicates on:


No cellular signal - no one can call you! you are finally alone!

4. In order to install an application you need to click on:

CAB File of course! (unless it's an exe file that does that remotely from your PC using Active Synch).

5. Main difference between Standard edition and professional edition is?

Standard edition does not support a touch screen, and as such is typically comes with a built in QWERTY keyboard. More details in here.

6. The icon below indicates that:


Wi-Fi is connected - Internet is on - for free! ;-)

7. To completely remove a program you need to...

Start – Settings – System – Remove Programs.

Select program and choose Uninstall.

8. The best free alarm application for Windows Mobile is...

The SpoonAlarm of course!

Even in Japanese:

Here's the poll results as they appeared in the WMPowerUsers blog:


Have you noticed that I managed to complete a full post without mentioning the annoying Android? ;-)

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