Weekend Quiz: Are you a Windows Mobile Expert?

One of the reasons for having so many Windows Mobile addicts out there is the variety of versions, configurations, devices, and... problems.

Consider yourself a WinMo 'Power User'?

Let's have a short test:

1. What's the difference between Windows CE and Windows Mobile?

2. What is a soft key?

3. The icon below indicates on:


4. In order to install an application you need to click on:

5. Main difference between Standard edition and professional edition is?

6. The icon below indicates that:


7. To completely remove a program you need to...

8. The best free alarm application for Windows Mobile is...


Think it's piece of cake? You are probably a power user.

Didn't know all the answers? in couple of day I will be giving all the answers and more.

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1800PocketPc said…
Do I get something If i get it all correct ? ;)
Gil Bouhnick said…
I'm afraid with the budget of this blog I can only offer unlimited joy...